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Parents in Recruitment

While I’m waiting for our test environment to be ready, I’ve been spending some time wearing my Admissions Counselor hat. College Web Editor posted some results of a parent survey done by Noel-Levitz. Check it out here: At first I just looked over the survey results, then did a LOT of highlighting and thinking. Then, after composing my thoughts (watch for steam), I saw that she posted some notes from the presentation. Coincidentally her notes from the session mirrored a lot of what I was going to say, and in a much better way. So, here are the notes from the presentation at EduWEB.

I would like to make note of one thing though. They may have discussed this in the actual session, but after many application reads and discussions with co-workers I have noticed a trend. I have seen several applications in very neat handwriting with a sloppy signature that could not possibly be written by the same person. Or, maybe a mom calls your office and says “I was filling out my son’s application and accidentally marked him as a girl”. Or, maybe they are asking questions during the school day about submitting an online app and happen to mention they’ll have to get back to you with the clarification you’re looking for. When asked if they would complete an admissions application on behalf of their student, about 60% of the parents polled say that they wouldn’t do it and wouldn’t give it any thought. Really? What about my coworkers in higher education… Do you think this number is accurate? Maybe I’m jaded, or over-dramatic, or both. But I think more than 40% have done it or at least considered it. So, what say the Higher Ed crowd?

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