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On the brink of greatness…

Anyone who lives in Central Indiana knows the frustration of having snow predicted, and never fulfilled. Sure, we got flurries, and some people were able to use snow as an excuse to stay home. But time and time again this winter, we were promised LOTS of snow, and only a few inches/flurries fell. However, this Friday, it finally snowed. Now, if you were the person stuck/stranded/thrown off course because of the snow, I’m sorry. I feel for you. I’m just so glad that it finally snowed! Real, substantial, powerdery, get to leave work a little early snow. What does this have to do with being itrookie?

That’s how my interest in computer stuff has felt for so long. That first part, where you’re waiting and waiting for breakthrough (snow). Then, something happens, the snow falls, and you are immersed in information. I read an article that Brad Ward from Butler wrote about The Long Tail. I was fascinated by the concept and started wondering how to do my own study with our information so we can have a comparison from before and then after we add our upcoming digital projects. I subscribed to the feed for The Long Tail and saw a video interview with the author. He has a new book coming out and I’m really excited, but I should probably read this one first…

So anyway, my point is, sometimes you just have to be patient. I waited a while since my last post because I really didn’t want to write without having something to say. When I write about my daughter on her blog, there’s always something new. Even though technology evolves so rapidly, since I don’t always know where to look, it can take some time for me to catch on. When I do though, I’m refreshed and excited about the prospects. I’m not so wide-eyed to think it will all work for FC. But I know eventually, we’ll find the thing that works great. And we will no longer be on the outside looking in. We’ll be playing in the 4 inch, powdery, sent home from work early,snow.

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