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NACAC Presentation: NCAA Division III Admissions and Financial Aid

I came in a little late and when I arrived they are presenting on what might flag a school to be reviewed with regard to their awarding of scholarships due to their Financial Reporting. Here are some notes.

31% of institutions have been reviewed at the most basic level

25%- reviewed again to see if there are violations

10%- found in violation due to leadership scholarships, secondary violations (isolation, not meant to provide competitive advantage).

First violation in 6 years has been released with regard to awarding practices.

Admissions can consider athletic participation for admissions. But if there is a formula used, you must remove the athletic component before configuring for scholarships.

When you have athletic personnel, they are not permitted to have direct impact on a Financial Aid Awarding process. So if you have an awarding formula, the coach can not be involved.

Coaches are not allowed to sit in on any public or private committees that review for Financial Aid Awarding.

Typical violations include distinguishable pattern of awarding, communication with personnel regarding institutional gift aid.

Secondary violations penalties are education, corrective action, and administered by the enforcement committee.

The NCAA has issued a 4 year report overall and to individual institutions about their possible reviews and performance.

Interesting session and feels good to know we are doing things right.

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