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One year ago

I have been doing some thinking about what I was doing, one year ago. After looking over my blog posts, I remember that time well. We were playing the waiting game with Continuum and trying to gear up for our new database. A year later we still have glitches from time to time, but for the most part we are more productive and becoming more proficient by the day.

Now, my Vice President has asked me to create a presentation displaying the highs and lows of the process, and where we are versus where we were. I’m looking forward to the chance to use Prezi for the first time. I’m not a really creative type, so the opportunity to create a really professional looking presentation is very appealing. Once it’s up, I’m sure I’ll post it for my loyal readers to see!

Now it’s time to read my application files (WOW they really started rolling in) and get started on that looming to do list.

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NACAC 2009 Day 2

So far this has been a great day. I overslept this morning and missed the first session. Boo. But I went to the plenary session and heard Dan Clark’s talk on change and it was quite good.

Then I finally got to meet Tina! She is our rep for our CRM. It was so nice to finally put a face with a voice. I also met the CEO of the company and two of their vice presidents, and the analytics expert who is working on all our report requests.

I had lunch with some guidance counselors and it was great networking with them while my boss made us all laugh with stories from his days as a Dean of Students.

This afternoon I’m taking my turn at our college fair table, then heading out with everyone again tonight. More sessions tomorrow and then the conference social tomorrow night.

On a personal note, I miss my husband and little girl Sarah. I only left yesterday. That is kind of a bummer. But I’ll see them on Sunday and the conference is a lot of fun!!!

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Headed to NACAC

I’m sitting on an airplane on my way to Baltimore for NACAC. I’ve never been and I’m really looking forward to it! Not only are there great parties (including Target X’s iDrink) but this is a great opportunity to network with other admissions professionals. I’m really excited too because 422 is talking about putting together a Continuum users group and I’m hoping to get involved.

Yesterday I felt ultra IT Rookie. I got a new widescreen monitor and I’m now running a two screen setup. Nothing says professional computer geek like a billboard sized monitor in your office.

Well I think I’ll channel my inner George Hendrix and fire up my laptop for the rest of the flight. Here’s to great professional development, lots of networking, and even better blog posts. Now that I can write posts on my iPhone, I have no excuse.

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Continuum Update

We’ve had our test database for about three working days now. It’s been fun! I found a lot of things that I didn’t realize we would need, but 422 Group has been GREAT to work with and they are so patient! Which is good, beucase I’m sort of new to all of this. Next steps are traning and workflow loading. I’m really looking forward to training, even though it will be a few weeks. In the meantime, I feel like I’m already learning a lot just by playing around and trying things out.

My only big concern is how all this will work with our incoming applications. We’ve had a TON of applications submitted! That’s good news for our office, but I don’t want to end up with a massive amount of extra data entry. That makes more work for our data-entry team who is already nervous about the new system. I guess if everyone is willing to pitch in, we’ll be in good shape.

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Implementation – Steps 2 – ??

This week we’re ready to go further in our Implementation. FINALLY! We had a small hiccup in our plans due to the test file taking longer than we were anticipating, but now we’re ready to roll. I have a converstaionĀ  coming soon with our rep from 422 Group (who is AWESOME BTW) to discuss training, next steps, etc. I guess this is where the rubber starts to meet the road and we really dig into this. I feel good about it though because my high school visits are scheduled, our major mailings are on their way to the mail houses, and I’m ready to go with our new system.

I think the biggest struggle with this whole process coming up is going to be balancing all of the workload. Not only am I in charge of making sure our mailings go out, I also have high schools to visit, apps to review, students to meet with, etc. Normally this isn’t a big deal, but with a big project going on, this could get interesting.

For the seven people who normally read my blog, you may find a shift to Admissions Type stuff this time of year. Let’s all cross our fingers for the new system, travel season, and everything else to happen over the next few months.

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422 Group & Continuum Implementation

I previously posted about our new database. I’m the Project Manager. This is my first experience with something like this and everyone I know who’d been through it before was skeptical. Not of me, but of the intensity of the process. My husband, who was on the team for him former employer’s implementation, said this was going to be HARD! I remember he spent one whole weekend away from home, stayed up all night, slept in our SUV during breaks, etc. My best friend is a Systems Analyst and she has told me countless stories of staying up all night. My boss has also shared similar stories.

So how are we doing, just a few weeks in? GREAT! We’ve submitted all of our workflows, the Test Data file should be on the way, we’ve submitted all of our preliminary worksheets (except for one) and I think so far so good! I know we’re way early in the process, but our Project Liasion has been really encouraging and told me we were on the right track, getting things in really early. Hopefully that’s just a sign of things to come!

I’m on vacation one week from tomorrow and from what I can tell, we’ll get access to the test database right before I return. Perfect timing! I know there’s a lot to go but I’m so excited about how things are going! I think we may be able to pull this off with a little time to spare. Or maybe just some time to have room for error, huh?

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The day has arrived. I have been looking forward to this since I heard about it possibly happening over a year ago. We are implementing a new database. The fact that I’m this excited does make me a bit of a nerd, but that’s part of my charm-schmarms, right?

Tomorrow, my director and I are meeting with our representative from 422 Group to discuss our implementation of Continuum CRM. We’ve needed a new database for QUITE a while. Now we’ll have advanced e-mail tracking, an event tracking feature, a new online application, and all WEB ACCESSIBLE! I know some of my admissions friends might take this for granted, but not everyone can access everything from the road. Now we will be able to! I won’t need to come in to work to pull a report, I can work on things from home once in a while instead of always having to wait for everything!

I know, I’m naive. This is going to add LOTS of work to my plate. It’s going to be a crazy summer. I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in the database. But boy is it going to be a great end result!

I hope to frequently blog about my progress, so stay tuned!

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