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Final days at FC

Pretty soon I will be closing a chapter in my life and opening a new one! On Tuesday, I officially resigned my position as Assistant Director of Admissions to take a new and challenging position elsewhere. I will begin my new venture on July 19th. So, since I’m going to be working in IT full time, I guess I can’t blog at itrookie anymore, huh?

It’s been an amazing journey at Franklin College. It’s funny that I went away to college and discovered who I was. I came back and discovered what I enjoy doing for a living. I’ll be working as a project coordinator for SAP. It’s great opportunity and I’m very excited.

I am sad to leave the people I work with and sad to be leaving the very collaborative higher education industry. From what I hear, I will be entering another collaborative industry, so that is quite a comfort. If any of you have friends who would be good contacts, feel free to pass them along.

It’s time to close up shop on ITRookie. Sniff.

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Exciting Happenings

There’s a lot going on in our office! We hired a new webmaster who starts next week, I think. I was able to serve on the selection committee which was a new and fun experience for me. I really liked his professionalism and he seems quite skilled. Looking forward to passing off some of our web stuff to him now that we’ll have someone who can do that full-time instead of two people doing different things. They were both very good, just over-worked. Now we can just work him into the ground! Just kidding of course.

Our office also recently received some results from Mindpower, a marketing company out of Atlanta. They came up with some great stuff for us to use in marketing Franklin. It’s all top-secret right now, but once it’s out, watch out!

We’ve been really rocking and rolling with Continuum too. I’ve been looking at all our workflows, making some training videos, documenting my processes, etc.  In my role as an admissions counselor, I’ve also stayed quite busy.  In admissions everyone works really hard and once you make your class you can start planning for next year. At the same time we start thinking about next year and planning for that. Also we have evaluations. Whew! That’s a lot all at once!

I’ve been working on getting some content for our admitted student community but we don’t seem to have as many students this year as we had last year. Most activity has been on the Admitted Student Group on Facebook. I really think our population of students uses Facebook a lot more. With the Ning changes (that probably won’t affect us that much) it’s caused me to think about whether or not we should continue. I’ll probably spend some time this summer looking at Ning and other ways we reach out to students and trying to determine what is best for us and make appropriate recommendation. This new marketing stuff will be helpful too. I think we’ll really be able to use it to capitalize on some opportunities that we haven’t really utilized in the past.

All for now I suppose. On today’s agenda: Upload student data, review comm sequence, set up a new email workflow.

All in all, busy April, and probably a busy May, too! Oh, and the 500 is right around the corner!

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Five Fundamentals

Notes from the Target X Webinar – None of these thoughts are my own, they are just notes from the Webinar. These thoughts came straight from Bran Ward and Adrienne Bartlett. Check them out of Twitter: @bradjward and @adriennebartlett.

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One year ago

I have been doing some thinking about what I was doing, one year ago. After looking over my blog posts, I remember that time well. We were playing the waiting game with Continuum and trying to gear up for our new database. A year later we still have glitches from time to time, but for the most part we are more productive and becoming more proficient by the day.

Now, my Vice President has asked me to create a presentation displaying the highs and lows of the process, and where we are versus where we were. I’m looking forward to the chance to use Prezi for the first time. I’m not a really creative type, so the opportunity to create a really professional looking presentation is very appealing. Once it’s up, I’m sure I’ll post it for my loyal readers to see!

Now it’s time to read my application files (WOW they really started rolling in) and get started on that looming to do list.

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Summer Projects

I know, I haven’t blogged in a while. But it’s about to get even busier around here. Typically it’s slow in the summer, but not this summer for me! We’re launcing a new and improved blog for prospective students, increasing our university’s presence on Facebook, and using more social media like Twitter. I am really frustrated because FCAdmissions is already taken for Twitter and I can’t figure out if I did it and just can’t remember the password, or someone stole it out from under me. No followers and no messages out so I guess that’s a good thing.

Also, I sort of volunteered for something with our database. The company that runs Continuum is thinking about starting a users group and I volunteered to be a part of the process. But I’m not sure what that entails. I’m looking forward to it!

That’s all for now. However, stay tuned. I am working on lots of projects that are blog worthy. I promise.

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Customer Service – What is happening here?

A co-worker of mine had an interesting experience a few months ago and it has prompted an ongoing discussion about the lost art customer service. To summarize, his experience stemmed from a company’s unwillingness to waive a measly $11 fee that was due because of their mistake. There’s more to that story, but the bottom line is, what happened to the benefit of the doubt? The customer is always right?

We experienced our own Customer Service issue at our house Saturday. We have U-verse cable service through AT&T and have been quite pleased so far. However, about a month ago I accidentally put one of our remotes in a washer full of clothes and soapy water. We needed new ones so my husband called and they said they would send two new remotes right out. How nice!

It’s been three weeks and they still aren’t here. So he calls and they said the process is that when you request a new remote, an e-mail is sent to the warehouse. The warehouse then confirms that they received the message. They don’t say yes we will send it, or it’s on the way, just yes, we recieved your request for us to send these remotes to these people. No tracking, no delivery confirmation. Just an e-mail. We know it’s supposed to go out. Will we do it? Not sure. The rep was nice enough and is sending out two more but there is again no confirmation that they will be sent, or when they will arrive. Just the e-mail.

I guess all is not lost though. I had to call our pediatrician’s office today to get a receipt faxed from a visit in February. She was soooo nice, and even apologized that she wouldn’t be able to fax it until later today. Did I want a phone call to confirm it had been sent?

How should we, in higher education, be better at Customer Service? What can we do to improve how we respond to inquiries and questions?

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Implementation DONE! So what next?

Well just this week I’m calling it. Implementation is done, and we are now entering a new phase of work for me.

Implementation technically has been done for a while. I only recently have felt confident that our system errors are caused by human mistakes instead of system quirks. Another sign of the end is that I am now transferring the info from Continuum to our campus-wide system, PowerCAMPUS instead of someone in IT. Now, by transferring, I’m really only pushing buttons that someone else set up for me so don’t be too impressed yet!

So what’s next? Last week I went to the TargetX “Xpert Summit”, got re-energized to do some Social Media Integration stuff, and now I’m ready to roll! Our campus site is undergoing a renovation soon (thankfully I’m not doing it) so we’re really trying to be sure our Break-a-way is conveying all the info our old site did. I have access to Google Analytics for that site now and I’m pretty excited about that. Our Admitted Student Community needs some new widgets, more publicity, and I’ve also been doing some work and formulating some strategy for our Facebook Fan Page. There’s a lot going on right now! Stay tuned for more about what’s going on with our site, the Fan Page, etc.

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