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Notes from the Target X Webinar – None of these thoughts are my own, they are just notes from the Webinar. These thoughts came straight from Bran Ward and Adrienne Bartlett. Check them out of Twitter: @bradjward and @adriennebartlett.

1. Strategic “Don’t chase the tools, chase the goals.” Think about what your goals are, don’t just jump onto something because everyone else is doing. Twitter is a great place to monitor your brand, not really for outreach. People have two reasons to get online: Get information, Be entertained. Enrollment goals help! They give you parameters.

Free Tools do not equal infinite ROI because your time is free.

2. Simple- Keep it simple – Don’t create more than you can manage. Is your Content: Unique, Urgent, Useful, Ultra-Specific? Read the Cluetrain Manifesto. Markets are conversations, consist of human beings, not demographic sectors, conversations among human being sound human.

3. Supplementary – Old Media is the best way to promote New Media. Email is a good way to promote Facebook. New Media can not and should not exist in a vacuum. Aggregation and Integration into the homepage. IU East Mailings are great! Business cards with Facebook and Twitter call-outs sound like a great idea too. Think more like a publisher, (not a marketer). Go where your competitors don’t go and read what they don’t read.

Most of what people are limited by are resources, buy-in, and

4. Statistical – How you measure success varies by what you are using and that can take time to determine. What do you measure? Again, think about your goals. Used an example of Facebook Fan Page for University in Australia with some impressive result. Then they spend some time pulling the students, getting them marked as Facebook Fans, and getting them to apply, deposit, etc. Great Albert Einstein Quote: ‘A lot of what can be counted doesn’t count, and a lot of what counts can’t be counted.”

5. Sustainable- Do you have a strategy for keeping things going, creating content. This is the part I struggle with most! Then there was a short gap and a few questions and I got a phone call.

Overall, great webinar, great information, and I’m looking forward to diving in. AFTER the weekend….

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