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NACAC Session 1

Title: critical Enrollment Management Strategies in Difficult times.

A year ago, Royall began looking at student data in light of the upcoming economic crisis. All studies showed that the college bound population would be greatly affected. 17% of students said they weren’t affected by the economy, was likely made of those who were most and least affluent.

34% said they would eliminate colleges from their list due to cost (and not only private schools).

In this light, competition increases, visits are affected, economic impact will also continue to hurt private schools even as economic conditions improve.

Students are less mobile (visits and where they attend).

So what do we do in these challenging times? Fordham University Got a little bit ahead of the curve and increased deposits in 2008 to try and offset the economic crisis. Then they notices the SAT scores of inquiries going down considerably. Time to adjust the strategy.

Started by recruiting students who had no PSAT search activity it took SAT in junior year. Yielded 60% of their deposits through that campaign and didn’t decrease quality. This was most effecient locally.

Fordham also did a direct outreach to students in late December encouraging them to apply one more time (UrgentGram). Produced a 63% rise in application submissions.

So far I’m not hearing anything specific about these actions except the timing. Maybe that’s the point is that timing is everything?

Now Montana State University had challenges because not too many people know about them.and they had the 49th lowest state funding amount. They were losing money on in state students.

They did things similar to Fordham. Generated more inquiries (including senior search) and more focused marketing to them. They also used a Royall application that seemed pretty appealing to certain populations of students.

Again, so far all they are saying is that they did another search. Is that really all that unique?

Ok, almost time to eat. First, Indiana attendees dinner at McCormick and Schmidt but I don’t like seafood. Guess I’ll be eating a lot of steak here in Baltimore!!! Then welcome reception in the Exhibit Hall and then lots of receptions. Get excited about free food and drinks!!!! Well, the networking is nice too. 🙂

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Headed to NACAC

I’m sitting on an airplane on my way to Baltimore for NACAC. I’ve never been and I’m really looking forward to it! Not only are there great parties (including Target X’s iDrink) but this is a great opportunity to network with other admissions professionals. I’m really excited too because 422 is talking about putting together a Continuum users group and I’m hoping to get involved.

Yesterday I felt ultra IT Rookie. I got a new widescreen monitor and I’m now running a two screen setup. Nothing says professional computer geek like a billboard sized monitor in your office.

Well I think I’ll channel my inner George Hendrix and fire up my laptop for the rest of the flight. Here’s to great professional development, lots of networking, and even better blog posts. Now that I can write posts on my iPhone, I have no excuse.

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