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Customer Service – What is happening here?

A co-worker of mine had an interesting experience a few months ago and it has prompted an ongoing discussion about the lost art customer service. To summarize, his experience stemmed from a company’s unwillingness to waive a measly $11 fee that was due because of their mistake. There’s more to that story, but the bottom line is, what happened to the benefit of the doubt? The customer is always right?

We experienced our own Customer Service issue at our house Saturday. We have U-verse cable service through AT&T and have been quite pleased so far. However, about a month ago I accidentally put one of our remotes in a washer full of clothes and soapy water. We needed new ones so my husband called and they said they would send two new remotes right out. How nice!

It’s been three weeks and they still aren’t here. So he calls and they said the process is that when you request a new remote, an e-mail is sent to the warehouse. The warehouse then confirms that they received the message. They don’t say yes we will send it, or it’s on the way, just yes, we recieved your request for us to send these remotes to these people. No tracking, no delivery confirmation. Just an e-mail. We know it’s supposed to go out. Will we do it? Not sure. The rep was nice enough and is sending out two more but there is again no confirmation that they will be sent, or when they will arrive. Just the e-mail.

I guess all is not lost though. I had to call our pediatrician’s office today to get a receipt faxed from a visit in February. She was soooo nice, and even apologized that she wouldn’t be able to fax it until later today. Did I want a phone call to confirm it had been sent?

How should we, in higher education, be better at Customer Service? What can we do to improve how we respond to inquiries and questions?

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