Implementation DONE! So what next?

March 10, 2009 at 4:04 pm 5 comments

Well just this week I’m calling it. Implementation is done, and we are now entering a new phase of work for me.

Implementation technically has been done for a while. I only recently have felt confident that our system errors are caused by human mistakes instead of system quirks. Another sign of the end is that I am now transferring the info from Continuum to our campus-wide system, PowerCAMPUS instead of someone in IT. Now, by transferring, I’m really only pushing buttons that someone else set up for me so don’t be too impressed yet!

So what’s next? Last week I went to the TargetX “Xpert Summit”, got re-energized to do some Social Media Integration stuff, and now I’m ready to roll! Our campus site is undergoing a renovation soon (thankfully I’m not doing it) so we’re really trying to be sure our Break-a-way is conveying all the info our old site did. I have access to Google Analytics for that site now and I’m pretty excited about that. Our Admitted Student Community needs some new widgets, more publicity, and I’ve also been doing some work and formulating some strategy for our Facebook Fan Page. There’s a lot going on right now! Stay tuned for more about what’s going on with our site, the Fan Page, etc.

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TargetX Xpert Summit Customer Service – What is happening here?

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  • 1. Cara  |  April 27, 2009 at 10:23 am

    We recently made the move over to Continuum at our school and we are working on our data integration back into our SIS. I was just curious as to how your integration back to PowerCAMPUS is going. What issues, if any, have you seen with that process?

    • 2. fcthendrix  |  April 27, 2009 at 10:54 am

      Today is not the day to ask that question! 🙂 Once the process was set up, we really were doing well. We chose to do a weekly update and that has worked so far. But then today, my Standard Export file is missing vital data so I’m quite frustrated. Of course this happens the day we need data uploaded ASAP because our Board of Trustees Report information is due. Doesn’t that figure.

      Anyway, it has taken time, we have had roadblocks, but I will say that 422 Group has been pretty good at getting back to us when we have questions. If i had to grade them, maybe a B+ overall? If you ever want to talk more, I’d love to! It’s nice to collaborate with someone else in the same position!

      • 3. Cara  |  April 27, 2009 at 11:02 am

        Did PowerCAMPUS have a utility to import data back into the system or did you all have to write custom code to do that? How did you handle information that wasn’t in the standard export, or did the file contain everything you needed?

  • 4. fcthendrix  |  April 27, 2009 at 11:23 am

    PowerCAMPUS already had an import feature that someone in our IT department used to use to import testing, so they modified a new import process to input our records. We do have some information that isn’t in the standard export, but luckily it’s information that can just be updated on a yearly basis. So what we will do is use the same import feature in PC to upload information into the system.

    • 5. Cara  |  April 27, 2009 at 11:45 am

      Sounds like a pretty simple process then. I’m glad for you.

      Our SIS didn’t really have an import tool that suited our needs so our database guru has written custom code to do the import. He has struggled quite a bit with problems like you experienced today…data would be in one file, but missing from the next. Also, there was quite a bit of data we had to have that wasn’t included in the standard export so we’ve had to request some custom export files in order to get our data. Getting that data has been a challenging process at times.

      Our rules allow a person to have multiple opportunity records in Continuum…do you have that same situation? If so, how are you handling multiple opportunity records in your returned data? How are you matching incoming records for a person who already exists in PowerCAMPUS?

      I hope I’m not being too inquisitive here! It might be better if I contact you through email with specific questions like this. If that would be better, just let me know.


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