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First Post…

It all started about a year and a half ago. I had been working at my alma mater in admissions for about 6 months and trying my best to make a good impression. The powers that be announced that there would be Microsoft Access training provided so we could all know how to pull our own queries, reports, etc. After the session I started brainstorming ideas of how we could use this program to track data, keep up with recruits, etc. My boss noticed that I actually enjoyed working with information and asked if I wanted to work with her on increasing our inquiry pool and supervise our Communication Sequence. Since I studied political science this wasn’t exactly what I dreamed about when considering “what I want to be when I grow up.” Now I’m working on projects related to how our office will use technology, considering social networking in admissions, working on how to effectively communicate via e-mail, discussing the pros and cons of a database implementation, etc. What a change! Thank goodness for liberal arts! Although, maybe I should have majored in something with computers.

So here I am. Around the office they call me IT Varsity, but I’m really a poser. They think I’m great with technology and I think I have some useful skills. But I’m no Intellagirl. I just want to add to the conversation. I’m a rookie, with dreams of being JV one day. I hope to blog about technology in admissions, comment on articles I find interesting, and talk about what it takes to be IT Varsity.

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